There’s a fine balance in this industry.    Musicians often find the angel of talent and the devil of ego tugging at their sleeves.

It’s almost always beautiful when you encounter a talented artist who has yet to succumb to the influence of ego.  Their clear, loud voice leaving a shiver in your spine, and their unassuming approach to the crowd leaving a grin on your lips.

Unfortunately my brief experience with Lindi Ortega didn’t result in very much grinning.  I should probably point out that this is less of a music / concert review, and more of an experience / stage presence review.

It’s also short.

When I first heard an Ortega track, I think it was ‘Little Lie’, I wrote the CMW set down on my list as ‘must see’.  Robyn Dell’Unto was on stage when I arrived at the Rivoli, which might have been part of the problem.  For those who aren’t familiar with Robyn, she’s a sweet girl with a wink/nod naughty side.  She had completely won over the small crowd with her classy self-deprecating jokes and a few scathing jabs at the Mayor.

Let’s fast forward a bit; 9:50pm.  Lindi’s band is setting up and  I’m enthralled by the Frida Kahlo guitar case, which I take as a good omen, this should be cool; where’s Lindi anyway?

I switched vantage points and caught a glimpse of the little lady standing in the stage exit doorway, out of sight of most of the crowd.  Arms folded, looking bored, with a “hurry up” tilt to her head.  I realized she was waiting to make her ‘appearance’.  Which made me chuckle because I’d only vaguely heard of Lindi before.  When the gear was finally set up, out strode Lindi, giant grin sneaking out from under an even bigger set of sunglasses.  The casual conversations in the room died down a bit, but that was the extent of the welcome offered by the crowd.

After a couple of songs I headed off to check out Courage My Love, a little disappointed with the performance vs Lindi’s awesome recorded tracks.  I’ve got a few of her songs in my general rotation, I think they’re great.  Lindi’s voice is modern, but introduces a sweet Dolly Parton lilt every so often that warms the heart.  I just wish I’d felt a little Dolly Parton charm during her set, maybe if I could have seen her face?  I don’t know, I’m at odds, it’s probably my fault.

Maybe it was Robyn’s fault.  Sweetening up the crowd so that Lindi was stuck with some mighty big boots to fill.

That was probably it.




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